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We provide access to technology, school supplies, snacks, and a School District teacher in order to provide academic support to students in Title 1 schools. We serve students K-12 to keep sibling groups together and to give high school students the opportunity to earn service hours for Bright Futures Scholarships. Avenue941 is so much more than just tutoring in providing Samaritan Counseling services, a penpal program, high school internships and more so students truly grow in academics, confidence, character development and spiritually.

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We offer tutoring and mentoring to students in grades K-12 throughout Manatee County.

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Come impact the next generation by transforming mindsets and increasing literacy.

  • Manatee County is in the bottom 37% of the state for student academic performance in 2022, their highest ranking ever. 

  • Only 49-51% of 3rd graders pass their reading test in Manatee County over the past several years. This statistic directly impacts addiction, crime, homelessness, etc. 

  • There are TEN elementary schools in the county that have below 30% proficiency

  • In 2022, Manatee County faced it's lowest graduation rate since the 2018 school year.

  • There are 26 Title 1 Schools in Manatee County, which means at least 40% of their students are from low-income families.

  • 50% of elementary students, 55% of middle school students, and 50% of high school students test below proficiency levels for reading.

  • 41% of elementary students, 50% of middle school students, and 55% of high school students test below proficiency levels for math.


All statistics are from the Florida Department of Education or the School District of Manatee County.

Why tutoring?

"I was so excited to hear about this program that would help my son with building his confidence in reading and math skills. As a parent you want the best for your child and to know that this program provides people to do so is such a blessing."

-Katie A., Parent

In Spring 2023, out of 102 students registered, where 80 attended regularly, our students made gains in our four target areas:

81% made significant academic gains
84% gained noticeable confidence
66% grew spiritually
75% made behavior improvements

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