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Mission Statement: Avenue941 is an academically-focused, spiritually-driven after school program for K-12 students. We exist to empower churches to open their doors throughout the week to support the next generation by achieving academic progress, building confidence, growing spiritually and improving behavior. 


Vision: The vision of Avenue941 is to open a site in every one of the 53 neighborhoods of Manatee County where students are welcomed into a safe environment after school. We dream of seeing the Body of Christ become an active part of their surrounding community by providing students with the encouragement and support necessary for them to thrive.

College Students
Our Story:

In the summer of 2019 at a leadership training school in Orlando called 21 Project, the vision for Avenue941 was born. When presented with the problems of our education system and a staggering drop-out rate, participants were challenged to come up with a solution to the problem in their community. As a teacher, Brenda knew many students were behind academically and were without transportation or finances for tutoring and also had little access to the gospel.


Deciding the church could solve both problems, she proposed that churches in every neighborhood open their doors to public school students, grades K-12 and the dream of Avenue began. Post-COVID, the first pilot location was with 12 students from the middle school where she taught - who had failed three consecutive quarters. Within one semester of working with a team at Resonate Life Church, each student who participated passed their classes and a working model had been developed.

May the church rise up in this hour to share a foundation on which this generation can stand. May we be found teaching our young people what it means to rise above challenges. May we rise up in boldness and courage to persevere in fostering academic success and achieving potential. Let us be found faithful in reaching out to those who need help and support.  

70% of our students are improving in more than one of the following areas: academics, spiritual growth, behavior and confidence

We Believe...

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