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A servant’s heart, completed application, cleared background check, complete provided training.


Who can volunteer:

If you have a heart and love for students, are able to read, and pass a background check, you can be a volunteer. High school students can even earn volunteer hours through working at one of our sites!



What happens at each site:

Students are welcomed with snacks and a short period of down time before the academic support begins. High school students receive academic support from 2:30-3:30, elementary school students receive academic support from 3:30-5:00, and middle school students receive academic support from 4:30-6:00. Academic support focuses on reading, math and homework help. High school students are welcome to stay and help support the younger students if they choose to become a volunteer. There is also a devotional time which is led by the site facilitator with a worship song and a short lesson about God’s love for them.



In addition to the volunteers, each site has a facilitator, a School District of Manatee County teacher, a high school intern, and a few sites have a counselor from Samaritan Counseling.



Each volunteer must attend an Orientation where they will go over the volunteer manual and additional materials. They must also complete online training as well as ongoing training provided throughout the year.



Each site meets twice a week August - May. Volunteers can give from one hour a week to the full two days each week. We ask for a commitment for the school year to be consistent as relationships begin to be built between the volunteer and the student. This not only helps the student, but you as the volunteer can see the progress the students are making as the year progresses.


Can’t commit to once a week? 

Sites need subs to fill in when full-time volunteers can’t attend. Another great option is to volunteer for one of our committees. We are always welcoming volunteers for our Events Committee, Prayer Committee, and our Church Partnership Committee.




Volunteer Expectations

  • Complete and submit volunteer application from Avenue941 website under Get Involved; Join our Team or click the link below:

  • Background check needs to be completed before starting to work with students 

  • Be willing to help at least one hour a week and make a commitment to either the school year or if you are a seasonal resident of Florida, if possible, commit to the time you are living here.

  • Read over the mission and vision of Avenue941 on the website

  • Be willing to work on homework or study skills with students of all ages

  • Submit to the rules of the church and site regarding appropriate dress, language, topics, etc.

  • Recognize that Avenue941 is a Christian faith-based, Christ-centered discipleship program and volunteers must adhere to the church as the main authority, respecting church property and rules

  • Volunteers (nor anyone else) should never be alone with a student

  • Volunteers should communicate with the Site Facilitator regularly about when you are available or not available

  • Recognize that students are coming from a long day of school already, so we are not a “sit down, be quiet, do your work” program; students can stand and do their work and they should talk and communicate about it

  • The heart of our program is discipleship and we are most concerned with students hearts and work to understand students’ choices rather than simply correcting them

  • Take every opportunity to teach students to go to God with their concerns and to hear His voice

  • Be willing to learn the school district online platforms FOCUS and Schoology to monitor grades

  • Be patient

  • Be compassionate

  • Be flexible

  • Wear a nametag and/or an Avenue t-shirt if you want to purchase one

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