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Manatee Assisted School Health Initiative
A project partnered with the School District of Manatee County 

 A generation transformed through character development and academic success.
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High School

Bayshore High School students are welcome to join us at Resonate Life Church or Oneco United Methodist Church. Manatee High School students are welcome to join us at First Baptist Church downtown Bradenton.  They can receive academic support from 2:15-3:30 and stay to help out and earn up to two service hours. They can earn one for working with elementary and one hour for working with the middle school students. 

Elementary School

Bayshore Elementary students can come to Resonate Life Church when they get out of school at 3:15. Oneco Elementary students are welcome to meet at Oneco United Methodist Church and Ballard Elementary students  will receive an hour of homework help at  First Baptist Church downtown Bradenton and then are allowed to stay to play, read or do projects. 

Middle School

Electa Lee Middle School students are welcome at Resonate Life Church, First Baptist Church downtown Bradenton or Oneco United Methodist Church.

Students from King and Sugg are welcome at Gulf Coast Church. Students from Nolan, Haile and Braden River Middle are welcome at Oasis Church, where they will receive at least an hour of academic support after they get out of school at 4:15 and come to one of our locations with the opportunity to stay until 6:00 pm. 

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a decline in both attendance and academic progress in schools across the nation. Avenue941 partnered with the School District of Manatee County to provide free support after school for students who need it most. 
The goal is to create a MASH location in each neighborhood in community buildings and churches within walking distance of students of all Title 1 schools in SDMC. 

Old Globe

Our staff is trained to support students in small group settings and provide individual support to help students complete homework or schoolwork that they may have missed due to absences from school. 

The school district has hired a teacher for each location to support students and who has necessary experience with the SDMC software and websites students may use for class.

The school district will provide dinner for students from a title 1 school who attend each MASH Initiative location after school and students also have access to brand new laptops while they are at our churches. 

Thank you to the Manatee Community Foundation for providing 36 laptops and 3 carts for three of our new sites.

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