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Lives have always been transformed by the power and the truth of the Gospel. This is the heart of Avenue941.  

Here are some stories of lives that have been impacted.

-Dana A., mother to elementary-aged son

"The education of our future generation is a vital part of our community. This is a chance to be a part of the change and sow into the lives of children who will one day be leading our city."

One of our high school boys who attended for a year, ended up being adopted by a couple in the church through our prayer journal. They prayed for him for 21 days straight, during which, this young man asked a person on our team if they had any dark secrets. When she asked why, he shared that before avenue he had tried to commit suicide twice but now realized people truly cared for him and he wanted to give his life to God.

A first grade student who was bottom of his class and bullied during that last part of kindergarten began coming to avenue in spring 2022. A little over a year later, he finished 1st grade at a 4th grade math level - the highest in his school and a 3rd grade reading level. His confidence also greatly improved and he loved coming to avenue where he felt seen, heard and cared for

We are more than tutoring. We are working towards unity in Manatee County by building...


Boosting reading and comprehension to encourage a literate culture


Nurturing the connection between the church and public school students


Collaborating with local churches and community partners to support the need of students as we move toward a more unified community.


The benefits of children having mentors who speak truth into their indentity is endless

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