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Lives have always been transformed by the power and the truth of the gospel. This is the heart of Avenue941.  

Here are some stories of some lives that have been impacted.

Meet Maya! 

Maya was struggling in her first year of school. She was failing everything and at five years old started believing lies that she just didn't have a good memory and that she wasn't smart. 

Then, everything changed....

Watch her story below! 

Maya is a true success with help from Avenue941

Maya is now in 7th grade and has aspirations to be a lawyer!

Jesus said,  
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:13-14

-Dana A., mother to elementary-aged son

"The education of our future generation is a vital part of our community. This is a chance to be a part of the change and sow into the lives of children who will one day be leading our city."

"Mentoring can mean

all the difference in the world

to students."

-Pastor Barthell, St. Stephens AME Church, first pilot/partnership location

"I was so excited to hear about this program that would help my son with building his confidence in reading and math skills. As a parent you want the best for your child and to know that this program provides people to do so is such a blessing."

-Katie A., Parent

  • There are 300 churches in Bradenton and only 53 neighborhoods. We could open church doors to support students who need it after school.


  • Manatee County is in the bottom 20% of the state for student academic performance. 

  • Only 49-51% of 3rd graders pass their reading test in Manatee County over the past several years. This statistic directly impacts addiction, crime, homelessness, etc. 

  • Some schools have less than 30% proficiency among their student population in Manatee County. 

  • Some areas have up to 40% of kids dropping out of school. 

  • A Sunday morning church service is only 1% of the week. 

Why tutoring?



Harold Tortoise, Volunteer

Avenue941 Tutoring and Mentoring


Boosting reading and comprehension to encourage a literate culture

Avenue941 Tutoring and Mentoring


Nurturing the connection between the church and the youth generation

Avenue941 Tutoring and Mentoring


We will work together with our churches to fill the needs of over 1200 students in foster care.

We can work toward ending the crisis of homelessness

Avenue941 Tutoring and Mentoring


The benefits of children having mentors who speak truth into their indentity is endless

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